Teaching Assistant (certificate)

The Teaching Assistant Certificate was designed to serve a dual purpose – to assist individuals to meet the New York State Education Department requirements and as a pathway for those interested in continuing their education in pursuit of a teaching degree. Students earning a Teaching Assistant Certificate will have:

  • completed a minimum of four SUNY General Education requirements;
  • completed a three-credit Foundations of Education course that presents the major theories, models, and metaphors used to represent and discuss educational practice;
  • spent a minimum of ten hours in an educational setting within the community;
  • had an opportunity to assess realistically their interests and possible careers in education; and
  • met the New York State Education Department’s education requirements for a pre-professional Teaching Assistant Certificate.

NOTE: Before working in a public educational setting, prospective employees will be required to undergo a fingerprint check. Individuals with a criminal history should be aware that they may have difficulty obtaining clearance for student teaching and/or New York State Teacher Licensing. Students with questions in this area may want to consult an advisor before pursuing the Teaching Assistant Certificate program.