Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences (A.A.)

The Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences A.A. program prepares students for academic success in baccalaureate transfer programs in liberal arts disciplines. By offering students courses that reflect a diverse set of global and cultural perspectives, the program expects students to explore and reflect on human experience.

The program develops it its graduates:

Goal I: Proficiency in communication
  • Proficiency at writing a variety of texts
  • Proficiency at communicating orally
  • Proficiency at communicating in a language other than English

Goal II: Proficiency in reading and analyzing a variety of types of discourse

  • Proficiency at reading and analyzing imaginative literature
  • Proficiency at reading and analyzing descriptive prose (informational literature)
  • Proficiency at reading and analyzing argumentative literature

Goal III: Information Literacy Skills

  • Proficiency at locating, and ethically selecting, evaluating, and incorporating research material from library databases and other appropriate sources;
  • Proficiency at applying citation standards to document sources
  • Proficiency at distinguishing between primary and secondary sources
  • Competence using information in a digital environment

Goal IV: Proficiency at developing, analyzing, and evaluating arguments

  • Proficiency at recognizing the elements of arguments
  • Proficiency at distinguishing between sound & unsound arguments

Goal V: Cultural & Historical Understanding

  • Using discipline-appropriate theories and methodologies to form relevant and reasonable conclusions about diverse historical and contemporary human perspectives and behaviors

Goal VI: Understanding of Civic Responsibility

  • Understanding of the structures, processes, and relevance of political, social, and economic institutions
  • Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of citizens in their societies

Goal VII: Appreciation of Arts

  • Understanding of how different forms of artistic expression inform and enrich the human experience