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Gaetano CianfaraniGaetano Cianfarani
Grade: 9
Age: 14
Hobbies/ Interests: Video games, piano, hanging out with friends
Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese
Favorite Subject: Piano class
Academic Pathway: Liberal Arts
Dream Occupation: Undecided

What has been your favorite memory or moment from the program?
My favorite memories are the field trips to different colleges, taking tours and exploring what the campus has to offer.

What is your motivation? 
My family is my motivation because they want me to work and succeed.

What have you learned/ taken away from the program so far?
I have learned what to expect on a college campus, and what college classes are like.

What are some colleges that you are planning on applying to?
I have SUNY Albany in mind because when I took a field trip there I saw that it was beautiful and had some classes that look interesting.

What advice would you give new applicants?
My advice would be to work hard to be the best you can, and never think that you can't do something.

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