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CHS Quick Facts

Earn College Credits while still in High School

SUNY Schenectady has partnered with over 20 area schools to offer college credit courses right in your high school. When you complete one of these courses you will gain both high school and college credits. Start your college career early and enroll now.

Quick Facts

Does my school participate?

With over 20 area high schools on the list, it’s a good chance your school is on it. See a list of participating High Schools.

What kind of classes can I take?

That depends on what your school is offering. See the current list of CHS offerings here. We offer a variety of classes in Business, Foreign Languages, Computers, Math, English, Environmental Science, History and so much more. Check with your guidance office for more details.

Will my credits transfer?

SUNY colleges and universities accept credits of a “C” or higher. However, many other public and private institutions also accept the credit.

Are there perks?

In addition to earning college credits to get ahead, as a CHS student you are considered a member of the SUNY Schenectady community. You have access to college facilities, including the library, student computer labs, the Learning Center, Language Lab, tutoring services and athletic activities.

How do I register?

Contact your High School Guidance Office for more information and for a complete listing of courses available. Check out the online registration instructions. Registration will happen after the start of the school year.

Are you a High School teacher interested in participating in our program?

Find more information on how to apply.


SUNY Schenectady is an accredited member of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). In order to receive the accreditation, SUNY Schenectady demonstrated that it adheres to national standards regarding course and faculty approval and program processes. NACEP oversees the accreditation process, and also serves as a network of training and information for all colleges and universities that offer concurrent enrollment programs, such as College in the High School. More information about NACEP and its standards can be found at SUNY Schenectady also is affiliated with and active with NYCEP, a partnership of colleges in New York State that mutually promote and support concurrent enrollment programs.

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