How to Obtain a Certificate of Residence

All Certificates of Residence need to be submitted to the Student Business Office
(Elston Hall, Room 219).



Students registering for credit courses at SUNY Schenectady are required to document their county of residence since counties partially fund student enrollment at New York State community colleges on an annual basis. The Certificate of Residence must be submitted the first semester enrolled. The Certificate of Residence is good for three semesters, unless otherwise noted by the issuing County, and must be resubmitted annually, thereafter. In order to qualify for resident tuition, you must have resided in New York State for the past twelve months, and you are required to provide county residence documentation for the last six months. All New York State students must complete the Application for Certificate of Residence, Form B-80, and students from outside Schenectady County must submit Form B-81 obtained from their county treasurer (see instructions below). The Student Business Office, Elston 219, is responsible for collecting the Certificate of Residence from students.

Schenectady County ONLY
Application for Certificate of Residence: Affirmation of Schenectady County Residence 

Saratoga County ONLY
Application for Certificate of Residence: Affirmation of Saratoga County Residence

All New York counties other than Schenectady
Application for Certificate of Residence: Form B-80


Instructions for Certificate of Residence

Every student registering at the College who has been a legal resident of New York State for at least one year prior to the current registration must submit proof of residence by mail or in person, their first semester by the due date indicated on the bill. Certificates must be renewed annually as indicated above. Form B-80 is the application for a Certificate of Residence.

  1. Schenectady County and Saratoga County residents: Complete the the county specific residency form, and have it notarized. You will need to provide an acceptable form of proof of residency with your application. Acceptable proof includes: a copy of your New York State Driver's License, utility bill, credit card statement, bank statement, Social Services statement, voter registration card, Social Security statement or W-2 Form. All proof or residency must show names, an in-county address, and be dated six or more months prior to the date of submission. Submit the Certificate of Residence and proof of residency when you make you bill payment at the Student Business Office, Elston 219.
  2. New York State residents from other than Schenectady and Saratoga Counties: Complete Form B-80 and turn it in to your county's treasurer. You will receive a Form B-81 from the treasurer. Submit Form B-81 to Schenectady County Community College when you make your bill payment at the Student Business Office, Elston 219.
  3. New York State residents who have lived in more than one county during the past six months must complete Form B-80 for each county in which they have resided and proceed as indicated above in items 1) and 2) of these instructions.
  4. Non-residents of New York State (including persons living less than one year in New York State) are charged out-of-state tuition and do not need to submit proof of residence at registration.
  5. All foreign students not on permanent visas are classified as out-of-state residents and pay out-of-state tuition.
  6. For most counties, including Schenectady County, the Certificate of Residence will remain valid for 12 months.