Submitting Your IRB Application

Directions for Submitting an Application for Review

Individuals who wish to conduct research that involves human subjects must request review and approval through the SUNY Schenectady County Community College (SUNY Schenectady) IRB. This policy applies to all SUNY Schenectady faculty, staff, and students conducting research studies, either within the college or in the larger community. Non-college employees who wish to use SUNY Schenectady students or staff for human subject research must also apply for research approval through the College IRB.

Materials to be Submitted

For any research project involving human subjects, please complete and submit the following documents:

  1. An IRB Research Review Form. Please choose the following form based on the type of review you wish the IRB Committee to make. See a description of each review. Please select one of the following, print, and complete the respective form:
  2. A copy of the Consent Form that will be provided to the subjects. View a consent form template.

To Initiate the IRB Review Process

Please send your initial request for an IRB review to Dr. David Clickner, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, at Once approval is received, applicants may then submit their application materials by e-mail to Dr. Michael Roggow, IRB Chairperson, for a committee review. See the schedule of IRB application deadlines and meeting dates. A decision letter will be sent to the applicant(s) 10-14 days after receipt of application. Please contact Dr. Roggow with any questions at 518-381-1385 or at