Criminal Justice (A.S.)

The Criminal Justice A.S. degree prepares students for transfer into related programs at a four-year college or university. This degree provides introductory level instruction in the six course areas designated by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences needed for program accreditation including: a) Administration of Justice; b) Corrections; c) Criminological Theory; d) Law Adjudication; e) Law Enforcement; and f) Research and Analytic Methods. The program prepares graduates to:

Goal I: Understand the concepts of the Rule of Law.

  • Identify important concepts and the influence of the American justice system
  • Discuss the importance of due process of those accused within our legal system
  • Demonstrate their understanding about the restrictions on the arbitrary exercise of government power to enforce established laws

Goal II: Prepare for a career field or educational pursuit of criminal justice.

  • Demonstrate effective communication, both orally and in writing, in regards to select criminal justice issues
  • Discuss important Supreme Court cases in regards to 4th amendment search and seizure issues
  • Discuss the importance of core courses in regards to the criminal justice field

Goal III: Understand ethical and moral responsibility of the public trust engendered within the American justice system.

  • Identify the financial and other associated costs incurred when inappropriate enforcement actions or inactions are taken
  • Discuss the results of abuse of power in regards to the use of force and arrests
  • Identify the importance of community policing in regards to effective communication between the criminal justice system and the community they serve