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Archaeology Courses

CFP 100-51     
September 1 – December 31    
By Appointment 
Fee: $33
This course is mandatory for students fulfilling the 60 experience hours required for the SUNY SCCC Community Archaeology Program (CAP) certificate. Additionally, this course is required for all students engaged in archaeological research and laboratory under a SUNY SCCC CAP instructor’s supervision. This course is taught by Louise Basa and Diana Carter. Ms. Basa, an area archaeologist with extensive fieldwork experience and research experience, is past president of the NYS Archaeological Association. Ms. Carter, a GE retiree, began her second career in archaeology after earning the basic certificate from SUNY SCCC. Click here to register.

CRN# 90873     
CFP 101-51    
September 1 – December 31  
By Appointment   

Fee: $128
This course is necessary for all Community Archaeology program students wishing to work on their approved archaeological products (e.g., articles for publication, exhibits, public presentations or site studies and reports), required for their Certificates of Advanced Study in Community Archaeology. This course is taught by Louise Basa, an area archaeologist with extensive fieldwork and research experience. Ms. Basa is a past President of the NYS Archaeological Association and past Vice-President of the NY Archaeological Council. Click here to register.

CRN# 91072       
CFP 102-51    
Tuesdays, September 12 – November 14 
6-9 p.m.   

Fee: $168
In this hand-on course, students will explore, through research, interpretation, artifact study and field activities, current ideas about Native American Lifeways prior to European settlement in North America, with emphasis on the Greater Northeast. Text/materials fee: approximately $30. This course is taught by Adam Lucier, who has worked with Hartgen Archaeological Associates for 18+ years as a Field Archaeologist and a Project Manager/Director. He has discovered and excavated a wide range of archeological site types including 19th-century urban sites, 19th-century rural farmsteads, 18th-century Revolutionary War era sites, 17th century Dutch site and Native American sites. Click here to register.

CRN# 91389   
CFP 103-51    
Wednesdays, September 13 – November 15   
6-9 p.m.
Fee: $165
This course gives participants an opportunity to enhance their laboratory skills by learning to further analyze artifacts and materials for identification, processing and conservation. Artifacts from selected archaeological sites will be used; with a concentration on the manufacturing, processing and conservation methodologies for a variety of organic and inorganic objects. Sessions include lectures, visual media, demonstrations and hands-on activities. Prerequisite: CFP 106 Historical Archaeology or CFP 102 Native American Archaeology. This course is taught by Darrell Pinckney, a member of the American Institute of Conservation for Art and Antiquities. Click here to register.

CRN# 91390       
CFP 107-51    
Thursdays, September 14 – November 16
6-9 p.m.  
Fee: $165
This course addresses why detailed records are maintained during excavation, as well as how artifacts and records that form the basis for future research are processed. Hands-on activities include artifact illustration and description, photographic recording, the use of computers for databases and analysis and final data archiving. The course is supplemented with a visit to an archive. Prerequisite: CFP 106 Historical Archaeology or CFP 102 Native American Archaeology. This course is taught by Diana Carter, a GE retiree. She began her second career in archaeology after graduating from the SUNY SCCC Community Archaeology Program’s Basic Certificate Program. Click here to register.

CRN# 91391   
CFP 116-51     
Thursdays, September 20 – October 25    
6-8:30 p.m. 
Fee: $100
When visiting a historic landmark, park or archaeological site you often hear or see the world “heritage.” What do you think heritage means? How do archaeology, history and tradition work together (or not) to create heritage? In this course, students will engage in studying these and other questions, such as how heritage is commemorated and how the experience of heritage shapes our understanding of the past, using local and national examples. This course is taught by Christopher Hopkins, who specializes in Northeastern Archaeology with an interest in heritage management. Click here to register.

CRN# 91392   
CFP 127-51     
Mondays, September 25 – October 30    
6-8 p.m.
Fee: $80
The perception of a child’s needs has changed dramatically since the 16th century when this course begins. These changing perceptions of children through the centuries will be illustrated and the class will cover topics such as appearance, discipline, education, nurturing and the overwhelming differences between the classes and cultures. Individual topics featured within the course include a history of toys and dolls and doll houses (including the important 1834 doll house built for the granddaughter of Governor Joseph C. Yates – first mayor of Schenectady and seventh Governor of New York state). The course will end with the life of our local Shakers who not only established this area’s finest public schools but raised children in need within their own communities. The children will tell their own stories from original journals and diaries. This course is taught by Marilyn Sassi, who worked as a museum curator for many years and has extensive experience in the antiques business. Click here to register.

CRN# 91078   
CFP 123-01
Saturday, October 14   
10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Fee: $35
Would you like to learn how to clean cemetery stones? Do you have a family plot with a stone that needs cleaning? Are you having a difficult time reading the worn lettering on a stone? Melody Howarth will show you cleaning and reading methods that work quite well. Join Ms. Howarth at Vale Cemetery for this informative workshop. Students will be contacted by phone/e-mail prior to the class with meeting instructions. Students are asked to bring gloves, closed shoes, bottled water and a bagged lunch. Materials fee: $10. This course will be taught by Melody Howarth, the owner/operator of Mel’s Belles Restorations and the Historian for the Town of Nassau in Rensselaer County. Click here to register.