Student Government &

Leadership Opportunities

Elston Hall, Room 222
On campus: (518) 381-1025
Off campus: (518) 836-2828

Student Government Association (SGA) Officers 2015-2016

Daniel Pierce, President
Shantal Plass, Vice President
William Pattee, Student Trustee
Kathy Dunlap, Treasurer
Martha J. Asselin, Advisor
Jan Libbon, Bookkeeper

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the “voice of the students.” Through SGA projects, real change and improvement can occur on campus. This doesn’t happen without your involvement! The Senate fulfills the legislative functions of SGA, and includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, eight Senior Senators, eight Freshman Senators and the Student Trustee. Each week the Senate meets to review and vote on major resolutions concerning the students’ general welfare. Senate meetings are open to everyone. Check in the SGA office for the date and time of the next meeting. For answers to some SGA frequently asked questions, please click here.

SGA committees include: Awards Committee, Budget and Finance Committee, Election Board, Athletic Board, Student Organization Board, Constitution and Judicial Committee and Abilities Awareness Committee. SGA is responsible for disbursing the Student Activity Fee money. These funds are used for club programs, Student Activities Board events, athletics and campus improvement projects and programs initiated by SGA, such as your YMCA membership.

Attention SCCC Students!

The Student Government Association is often seeking qualified candidates for the senate seats. Consider applying for a position as:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Trustee
  • Senator (16 senate seats in all)

SCCC Student Government Association Constitution (PDF)

The documents listed here and below are in an Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. If you are unable to view Adobe Acrobat .pdf files please click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Your Student Activity Fee provides many varied clubs and organizations for you to join. The following clubs and organizations are available currently for our students. If you are interested in joining and/or getting more information on a club, please contact the advisor listed. If you have an interest and there isn’t a club for that interest, you can create a club. See your Student Government Associate representative for details.

Click here to view club descriptions.

(SAB) is the major activities planning organization on campus. The events that SAB plans are many and varied, and they include cultural, social, educational and recreational activities. Some examples include:

People are always needed to help plan and execute various events. SAB is an exciting way to spend some of your time.

  •     Concerts and comedy showcases •     Speakers and lectures
  •     Musical events •     Spring Week
  •     Novelty acts •     Spring Dance

Another avenue for involvement is to become involved in all-college committees comprised of students, faculty and staff.  These important committees establish college policy and plan various campus events and projects. Contact the Office of Student Affairs if you are interested.

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