Programs of Study

Schenectady County Community College offers the following Transfer, Career, and Certificate programs:

Transfer Degree Programs

A transfer degree program enables you to complete the first two years of study for a bachelor's degree program, then transfer to a four-year college or university. SCCC awards the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, and the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. The College’s transfer programs include:

Program Degree Requirements (PDFs)
Aviation Science A.S.  
   • Pilot Option A.S. Worksheet
   • Non-Pilot Option A.S. Worksheet
Business Administration A.S. Worksheet
Computer Science A.S. Worksheet
Criminal Justice A.S. Worksheet
Human Services A.S. Worksheet
Liberal Arts:
Humanities and Social Sciences
A.A. Worksheet
   • Communication Concentration A.A. Worksheet
   • Drama Concentration A.A. Worksheet
   • English Concentration A.A. Worksheet
   • History Concentration A.A. Worksheet
   • Honors Concentration A.A. Worksheet
   • Psychology Concentration A.A. Worksheet
Mathematics and Science A.S. Worksheet
   • Nanoscale Science Concentration A.S. Worksheet
Nutrition A.S. Worksheet
Performing Arts – Music A.S. Worksheet
Science A.S. Worksheet
   • Biology Concentration A.S. Worksheet
Teacher Education Transfer A.S. Worksheet


Career Programs

The Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree and the Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree are career-oriented, preparing students for employment immediately after graduation.  SCCC career programs include:

Program Degree Requirements (PDFs)
Accounting A.A.S. Worksheet
Air Traffic Control A.A.S. Worksheet
Alternative Energy Technology A.A.S. Worksheet
Business Administration A.A.S. Worksheet
Casino and Gaming Hospitality A.A.S. Worksheet
Chemical Dependency Counseling A.A.S. Worksheet
Computer Information Systems A.A.S. Worksheet
Computer Networking Systems & Cybersecurity A.A.S. Worksheet
Craft Beer Brewing (begins Fall 2016) A.A.S. Worksheet
Criminal Justice A.A.S. Worksheet
Culinary Arts A.O.S. Worksheet
Early Childhood A.A.S. Worksheet
Emergency Management A.A.S. Worksheet
Fire Protection Technology A.A.S. Worksheet
Hospitality and Tourism Management A.A.S. Worksheet
Hotel and Restaurant Management A.A.S. Worksheet
   • Beverage Management Concentration A.A.S. Worksheet
Human Services A.A.S. Worksheet
Music Audio Technology A.A.S. Worksheet
Nanoscale Materials Technology A.A.S. Worksheet
Paralegal A.A.S. Worksheet
Supply Chain Management A.A.S. Worksheet


 Certificate Programs

These short-term skills programs are designed to prepare you for immediate entry into an occupation, or to upgrade your skills. SCCC certificate programs include:

Program Degree Requirements (PDFs)
Assistant Chef CertificateWorksheet
Chemical Dependency Counseling CertificateWorksheet
Computer Desktop Support Specialist CertificateWorksheet
Computer Repair and Networking Certificate Worksheet
Craft Beer Brewing (begins Fall 2016) CertificateWorksheet
Criminal Justice CertificateWorksheet
Early Childhood CertificateWorksheet
Entrepreneurship CertificateWorksheet
Fire Science CertificateWorksheet
General Business CertificateWorksheet
Health Studies CertificateWorksheet
Hospitality and Tourism CertificateWorksheet
Medical Coding and Billing CertificateWorksheet
Music CertificateWorksheet
Storage Battery Technology CertificateWorksheet
Teaching Assistant CertificateWorksheet

For more information about Gainful Employment Disclosure for Certificate Programs, our certificate program graduation rates, the median debt of students who have completed certificate programs and other important information, please visit SCCC's Gainful Employment Disclosure page.


Specialty Programs

Program Degree Partner Requirements PDFs
Nursing A.S. Belanger School of Nursing Worksheet
Business and Technology Management B.B.A. SUNY Delhi Worksheet
Criminal Justice B.S. SUNY Delhi Worksheet
Hospitality Management B.B.A. SUNY Delhi Worksheet
   • Hotel and Resort
     Management Concentration
B.B.A. SUNY Delhi Worksheet
   • Travel and Tourism
      Management Concentration
B.B.A. SUNY Delhi Worksheet


Academic Support Programs

Academic support for students is offered through preparatory courses in Writing, Reading, Math, and English as a Second Language; the Learning Center; the Math Lab; and Tutor Services.  These programs are offered through Academic Services.

To receive more information about these programs, fill out our Response Form, view our Admissions webpage or call our Admissions Office at (518) 381-1366.

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