8 February 2018

Bowling Teams All Set To Strike It Big at Regionals

Group photos of Women's Bowling team and Men's Bowling TeamWomen’s Bowling Team: Megan Lambert, Haley Groat, Lauren Piotrowski, Jenna Lemke, Becky Labelle, Quinn Hodson, Natalya Porcello, Jessica Shufelt

Men’s Bowling Team, Front row: Zachary Clipston, Kenny Blanchard, Alex Holliday, Ryan Aylesworth, Christian Chiarito, Kenny Livengood; Back row: Alex Alesio, Brandon Aylesworth, Nathan Farnum, Rob Mengel, Jake Metzger, Christian Baitinger, Brandon Indovina

To Ray Ross, Head Coach of the Bowling Teams and a Math Professor, the equation is quite simple. “They work hard and they love to bowl,” he said about the athletes on the Women’s and Men’s Bowling Teams. “Those are the two key things.” 

Next week, the Royals will head to the Region III Playoffs in Utica, N.Y., competing against teams from two- and four-year colleges. For the past four years, both teams have claimed regional titles. The women have also emerged as national champions for the past three years and the men held the national title in 2013 and 2015. But Coach Ross doesn’t pay close attention to past titles. “When I walk into a match, I’m not walking in saying that we’ve won five years in a row. I’m walking in asking, ‘Are we going to win this year?’”

Going into Regionals, the women are undefeated at 16-0 and the men have a 16-2 record. With impressive averages and discipline (the team practices twice a week in addition to weekend tournaments), each of the players has contributed to the success of the team. Coach Ross described what makes a great bowler this way, “They have to have passion for the sport and be good at it. It’s a mental game and a physical game.”

Go Royals!

Meet two of our bowlers, graduating this year

Photo of Lauren Piotrowski in libraryLauren Piotrowski, Accounting
After she graduates in May, Lauren is heading to the University of Pikeville in Kentucky to become a member of the bowling team and pursue her B.S. in accounting. (She’s already sporting a UPike hoodie.) Because of her strong GPA and high bowling average, she earned a scholarship to UPike that will cover 80 percent of her tuition.  

Photo of Ryan Aylesworth in libraryRyan Aylesworth, Criminal Justice
Ryan was recruited for the Royals by Coach Ross. He’s from Homer, N.Y., and was the first bowler from his high school to make the individual states, comprised of the best bowlers in his section. After he graduates in May, he will either transfer on for his bachelor’s degree or enter the field of law enforcement.