Placement Testing for New Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to SUNY Schenectady! We are excited to have you start your journey with us, but first, you may need to take a placement exam before you can register for classes.

I’ve been accepted! What do I do next?

  1. Call or e-mail the Testing Center to set-up a placement testing appointment.
    Phone: (518) 381-1293
  2. Bring your photo ID with you on the day of the exam.
  3. Once you finish your test, you’ll make your class schedule in the Advisement Center, Elston 222.

Why do I need to take a placement exam?

  • Your transcripts show that you need to take the exam to find out which classes are right for you.
  • For more details on what qualifies someone to take the exam, please read: Who is exempt from the placement test?
  • The placement test decides which level English and/or math courses you need.
  • You can’t register for classes until you take the placement exam.

What is the test like?

  • There is an English section and math section, although you may only need to take one or the other depending on your transcript(s).
  • It’s a computerized, multiple choice exam.
  • It’s not timed and not pass/fail, but it decides what math and English courses you’ll take, so take your time.  

Can I study for the placement exam?

  • Studying is not required, but if you would like to feel more prepared or want to know what to expect, you can view the sample questions and download the free Accuplacer study app!
  • Sample Questions can be viewed here and you only need to view the “Sentence Skills,” “Reading Comprehension,” "Arithmetic" and “Elementary Algebra” sections. The answer keys are in the back so you can check your responses.
  • You can also download a free study app if you prefer to review that way. For desktop users, click here to view the study app. For mobile users, please download the app.

What do I do if I have a disability and need accommodations for testing?

Please contact the Office of ADA Transition Services to set-up an appointment with Susanna Adams, Coordinator of ADA Transition Services. You will need to register your accommodations with SUNY Schenectady before you are able to take your placement exam if you’d like to use your accommodations for the test.

Susanna Adams
ADA Transition Services
Elston Hall, Room 222H
(518) 381-1345