Tuition & Fees

SUNY Schenectady County Community College offers a high quality education at an affordable cost. SUNY SCCC consistently ranks about the top New York State colleges in cost effectiveness per student.

The College’s tuition and fees schedule is determined by our Board of Trustees and therefore, subject to change.

Please click 2017-2018 Tuition and Fees for a detailed breakdown of the tuition and fees.


New York State residents who present a Certificate(s) of Residence from their home county or Schenectady County residents who submit a signed affidavit of residency:
Full-Time (per semester): $1,968.00
Full-Time (per academic year): $3,936.00
Part-Time (per semester credit hour or equivalent): $164.00*
*Part-time tuition for students enrolled through the College in the High School Program is $55.00per credit hour.

New York State residents who do not present a Certificate(s) of Residence:
Full-Time (per academic year): $7,872.00
Part-Time (per semester credit hour or equivalent): $328.00

Non-New York State Residents:
Full-Time (per academic year): $7,872.00
Part-Time (per semester credit hour or equivalent): $328.00

Certificate of Residence

Students registering for credit courses at SUNY SCCC are required to document their county of residence since counties partially fund student enrollment at community colleges in New York State. In order qualify for resident tuition, you must be a citizen of the United States of America, who has resided in New York State for the past twelve months and you are required to provide county residence documentation for the last six months. The Student Business Office, Elston 219, is responsible for collecting the Certificate of Residence from students and issuing the Certificate of Residence for Schenectady County students. Please click here to learn more about the Certificate of Residence and obtain the application.

Student Accident Insurance

For a nominal fee (typically a few dollars), each student is automatically enrolled in an accident insurance program when they register for classes at SUNY SCCC. This accident insurance will pay for most medical bills up to a certain limit to treat accidental injuries. Typically, there is no co-pay. Full-time students receive 24/7 coverage for accidents occurring both on and off campus, whether during a college activity or not. Part-time students receive accident insurance coverage for accidents on campus or off campus during a college activity only. If you are injured in an accident on campus and need medical treatment, you may pick up a claim form at the main Security Desk or receive one from the guard responding to the accident.

Please click here to obtain a copy of the Student Accident Insurance plan information.
Please click here to access the Student Insurance Claim Form.

International Student and Study Abroad Insurance

Both full- and part-time students attending SUNY SCCC on an F-1 or J-1 visa are required to purchase insurance that provides medical coverage as well as expatriation. Students may request a waiver with proof of comparable insurance in place. Additionally, students traveling abroad for program study are also required to purchase the same insurance for the duration of their stay. Click here to see the current fee to purchase the insurance.