Human Services (A.S. and A.A.S)

Human Services A.S.

The Human Services A.S. degree program prepares students for academic success in baccalaureate transfer programs in social work, human services, and related professional fields. This program is base d on best practices of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). The Human Services program emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge from social science disciplines, development of cores social work theory and skills, ethical conduct, and preparation for future professional careers. The program enables graduates to:

  • integrate knowledge from liberal arts disciplines with practical skills;
  • demonstrate oral and written communication skills;
  • develop a commitment to ethical practice; and
  • recognize diversity.

Many of our Human Services graduates transfer to social work programs at area colleges including Siena College and the College of St. Rose, some of them with generous scholarships. After completing four year programs, our graduates have acquired good jobs in the field or gone on to do graduate work.

Human Services A.A.S.

The Human Services A.A.S. degree program prepares students for employment in the public or private sector. This program is based on best practices of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Students learn the core skills and values of the social work profession and the social welfare system in the United States, including philosophical and ethical dimensions. The program prepares students to:

  • demonstrate human services professional skills and abilities;
  • demonstrate a commitment to ethical practice; and
  • recognize diversity and the role of cultural competence in under standing human behavior and society.

For more information on our Human Services programs please view the degree requirements and contact:
Professor Renee Adamany
Elston Hall, Room 202
(518) 381-1298

NOTE: Human Services students may be subject to fingerprint or background checks before working in the field. Individuals who have a criminal history may have difficulty obtaining a field placement and/or employment in the field of human services and may want to consult an advisor or college counselor before pursuing the Human Services program.