Communications Concentration

Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences A.A.

Communication Concentration

The Communication Concentration, part of the Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences A.A. degree program, enables students to gain an understanding of the essential role human communication plays in society, the media, and technology. It develops the oral, visual, and written communication skills necessary for students to succeed in baccalaureate transfer programs in communications related disciplines. By offering students courses that reflect a diverse set of global and cultural perspectives, the program expects students to explore and reflect on the broad expanse of human endeavors.

The Communication Concentration prepares graduates to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in a variety of communication media and formats;
  • examine ideas and issues from multiple perspectives; and
  • demonstrate analytical and creative problem solving skills.

The Communication Concentration meets the SUNY Transfer Paths for communication, thus allowing students to seamlessly transfer to SUNY four- year institutions as juniors in communications-related majors. It also prepares students for current communication careers in such areas as media management, social media, advertising, broadcast and mass communication, public relations, and new media information design.

For more information on our Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences Communication Concentration please view the degree requirements and contact:
Professor Rae Doyle
Elston Hall, Room 203
(518) 381-1462