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Career Development

CFP 222    Duration: 12 weeks  
Fee: $595

For more information please contact Program Coordinator Sarah Wilson-Sparrow at (518) 595-1101, ext. 2 or
This certificate program is offered in conjunction with the Schenectady ARC and Cornell Cooperative Extension and is appropriate for diverse populations, including senior citizens and individuals with developmental disabilities who are interested in hands-on training in the horticulture field who would like to obtain employment in a garden center, farm stand or greenhouse. Topics covered include basic botany; care of annuals, perennials and vegetable crops; and weed identifications. Participants will gain experience in customer service, working and learning in a greenhouse as well as a variety of outdoor garden settings. Classes will be held at the Sustainable Living Center at Central Park in Schenectady and the Schenectady ARC’s Maple Ridge Horticulture Center in Rotterdam.

CFP 215    Duration: 13 weeks
The cost is $1,500 inclusive of tuition, books and lab fees.

For more information please contact Program Coordinator Sarah Wilson-Sparrow at (518) 595-1101, ext. 2 or
This course provides a basic understanding of brewing skills, working in a manufacturing environment, safety and microbiology. Major topics covered include: brewing science, beer maturation and storage, beer processing and packaging, quality and process control, plant safety and sanitation, malting, mashing, brewing, fermentation and finishing. This course will consist of 60 percent classroom lecture and 40 percent lab training in the classroom and at regional breweries. In addition to directed studies, students will enhance their brewing knowledge through assigned reading and writing exercises and visits to local breweries. The goal of this course is to provide a pool of trained, entry level brewers in the growing craft beer industry. This course is developed and overseen by regional breweries.

CFP 224

For more information please contact Program Coordinator Sarah Wilson-Sparrow at (518) 595-1101, ext. 2 or
Are you looking to develop or retool your career readiness skills? Are you an industry leader looking to invest in and grow your workforce? The 21st Century Career Readiness Credential is a holistic training program which focuses on the academic skills, soft skills and personal resource building skills essential for job acquisition and retention. This course is ideal for an individual looking to improve their career readiness and marketability as well as an industry leader looking for a flexible and customizable curriculum to improve retention, productivity and the all-important bottom line.

CFP 417    Duration: 12 weeks

For more information please contact Program Coordinator Sarah Wilson-Sparrow at (518) 595-1101, ext. 2 or
This course uses online and in-person instruction to teach students how to program in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three tools comprising the development of virtually every site on the web. The course is structured around tutorials, assignments, and individual and group projects wherein students also have the opportunity to learn and practice with industry-standard Front-End technologies including, but not limited to, the Twitter Bootstrap design framework, the jQuery JavaScript library, and the Git version control system. Additionally, guest lectures and networking events are integrated into the curriculum to provide students with valuable real-world exposure to local employers and a chance to get a feel for the industry overall. This course may be of particular interest to graphic
designers, as it teaches the technical skills necessary for UI (user interface) development and wire-framing. The course may also be attractive to beginning programmers with aspirations to create mobile applications, as it establishes a solid conceptual foundation for eventual progression into Full-Stack Development.

CFP 420

For more information please contact Program Coordinator Sarah Wilson-Sparrow at (518) 595-1101, ext. 2 or
Students who have demonstrated aptitude for and an interest in computer programming will learn to create data-driven mobile-first websites using industry-leading development frameworks. Online coursework, in-person instruction, and individual and group projects organized and supported by mentors from the industry will provide students with experience programming in Ruby, PHP, SQL, Python and other popular technologies, including, but not limited to, the Wordpress Content Management System, the Rails Web Application Framework for Ruby, and the MySQL Relational Database Management System. This course may be of particular interest to students already acclimated with the technologies and practices of Front-End (client side) Development whom wish to expand their knowledge base to include the technologies and practices of Back-End (server side) Development. 





Storage and Distribution Workers Entry-Level Positions

CFP 223-51

For more information please contact Michael Henderson, Coordinator of Workforce Development at (518) 871-9079, ext. 4 or This course will be held at the Capital South Campus Center (CSCC), located at 20 Warren Street, Albany, NY 12202 

What is Logistics Training?

  • Storage and Distribution workers are engaged in storing and distributing materials and products for shipment.
  • Workers move freight, stock, and other materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles, or containers, by hand or using special moving equipment.
  • Storage and Distribution Workers are responsible for getting goods, services, and people where they need to go, when they need to be there, and in the right quantity.

Storage and Distribution workers who study logistics can work in the industries such as production sites, warehouses, distribution centers, grocery stores, transportation and moving companies and more. Typical entry-level positions include material handling workers, movers, order processors, packers and packagers and material moving equipment operators.